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Ozone is an activated form of oxygen.

The following is a list of benefits we have observed in our practice since using ozone in our patient care

    - decreased complication after surgery (of all types): 
            - less pain
            - less infection 

    - improved and faster healing after surgery (of all types) 

    - decreased need for pain and antibiotic medication 

    - decreased discomfort in teeth after fillings, crowns and bridges 

    - decrease of invasive dental treatment: 
            - less drilling on teeth by treating decay with oxygen ozone 
            - decreased need for root canals because of more successful direct pulp caps 
            - decreased need for root canals by treating advanced decay with oxygen-ozone      
               instead of removing it. 

            - decreased need for more advanced and invasive periodontal therapy 

    - improved patient satisfaction from all of the above

When do we use ozone in our practice 

Fillings, crowns and bridges: Ozonated water and oxygen ozone gas is applied to tooth before placing the filling, crown or bridge. This disinfects the tooth and creates a stronger bond between the tooth and the filling, crown or bridge. 

Tooth extractions-removal and other surgery: Ozonated water and oxygen-ozone gas applied inside socket ti minimize microbes and promote healing. 

Periodontal therapy and prevention: Ozonated oil, ozonated water and oxygen-ozone gas are used to minimize microbial infection around the teeth and in the gums 

Biological root canal therapy: Ozonated water is used to irrigate the root canals and oxygen-ozone gas is used to fumigate the root canal chamber.

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